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This page is for family and friends of the Knoble's.

What can you find here?


Email addresses for the family


Family pictures (Ben, Brandon,,Simeon, Jack, and family) (Updated 02/04/2007 )


Family humor -- if you're not in the family, you won't understand!


Jim's Web and Pictures


Reflections of Jim on several topics


Family email addresses:  (All

David W: dwknoble
Mary Jac: mjknoble
David M: dmknoble
Kelli A: kaknoble
Jim: jim
Mary Janelle: mjcady
Francois Francois
Fr. John John
Ben (none yet - email DavidM)
Brandon (none yet - email DavidM)
Simeon (none yet -email Francois or Mary Janelle)
Jack (none yet - email Jim)

 (David W. can also be reached at Day-Brite Lighting as dknoble @, web at

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